Education and Workforce Development

Our Mission

CyManII’s mission is to secure and sustain U.S. leadership in global manufacturing competitiveness by providing the tools, support, and training needed to educate and upskill the workforce in IT/OT cybersecurity.


UTSA Cyber Range Powered by CyManII

The Cyber Range is a virtual environment that uses simulated digital networks to show learners how to detect, identify, and mitigate cyber attacks through realistic business-oriented scenarios. A series of training programs are available to upskill students and professionals in cybersecurity awareness. The Cyber Range will be available virtually (in the cloud) and onsite via the Mobile Training Vehicle.

CyManII Cyber-CHAMP© Assessment

Cyber-CHAMP© (Competency Health And Maturity Progression) helps organizations pinpoint exactly where to start improving their cybersecurity program using a step-by-step process that identifies the current cybersecurity posture, areas for improvement, and training paths. This includes reviewing and assessing cybersecurity work roles to achieve the proper level of operational readiness to mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

CyManii Training

CyManII Training

Cybersecurity and manufacturing jobs are growing, expanding, and becoming one of the most available professions across the country. CyManII operates across the industry, community colleges, universities, and the military to create cyber awareness and workforce training options readily available for today’s digital manufacturers – both CyManII training and partner offerings are available.

Flexible delivery options offered across the nation.



A designation given to cybersecurity training material, reviewed by the CyManII team of industry experts, that fits the standard of excellence needed to ensure the safety and security of our vital manufacturing ecosystem.