Research Publications

Pandemic Adaptive Supply Chains: A Future-Proof ApproachHoward Grimes (UTSA), Thomas Kurfess (ORNL), Gabriela Ciocarlie (UTSA), Dongyan Xu (Purdue), Lisa Strama (NCMS)SME, 2020LINKCritical Sector
The Role of the Digital Thread for Security, Resilience, and Adaptability in ManufacturingHoward Grimes (UTSA), Thomas Kurfess (ORNL) The Bridge Spring 2021,The Bridge Spring 2021,
National Academy of
LINKGrand Challenge
A Case Study in Formal Modeling of Safe and Secure Manufacturing AutomationM. Jablonski, B. Yu, G. Ciocarlie, P. Costa2021 Special Issue on
Formal Methods in Cyber Physical Systems
, IT
Professional, IEEE Computer Society
LINKTechnical Approach
PURE Biomanufacturing: Secure Pandemic-Adaptive BiomanufacturingH, Grimes, G. Ciocarlie, B. Yu, D. Wijesekera, G Shannon, W. Austad, et alIEEE Security & Privacy, 2021LINKCritical Sector
Model-Based Security Analysis in Additive
Manufacturing Systems
Michael R. Durling, Abha Moitra, Kit Y. Siu, Baoluo Meng, John W. Carbone, Christopher C. Alexander, Krystel K.
Castillo-Villar, Gabriela F. Ciocarlie
ACM CCS AMSec Workshop, Nov 2022LINKTechnical Approach
BioSecure Digital Twin: Manufacturing Innovation and Cybersecurity ResilienceMichael Mylrea,
Charles Fracchia,
Howard Grimes,
Wayne Austad,
Gregory Shannon,
Bill Reid &
Nathan Case
Lawless, W.F., Llinas, J. Sofge, D.A., Mittu, R. (eds) Engineering Artificially
Intelligent Systems. Lecture
Notes in Computer
Science(), vol 13000. Springer, Cham.
LINKTechnical Approach
Demo: Enabling Scalable and Reliable Real Time Data Services for Sensors and Devices in StreamCIJaewoo Shin, Lan Zhao, Carol Song, Rajesh Kalyanam, Jian
Jin, Jacob Hosen, Ananth Grama and Dongyan Xu
Gateways 2022LINKTechnical Approach
Building Blocks for Secure and Prosperous Defense Critical Supply Chains: A Case Study for MicroelectronicsHoward Grimes, Gabriela Ciocarlie, Robert Butler, Wayne
AFCEA Signal PublishedLINKTechnical Approach
Delay Tolerant Networks for Industry 4.0Jose Garcia, Mevlut A. Demir, Gabriela Ciocarlie and John J.
Prevost (UTSA)
SOSE23LINKTechnical Approach
Toward Common Weakness Enumerations in Industrial Control SystemsD.M. Nicol, G. Shannon, M. Akbar, M. Bishop, M. Chaney and M. LuallenIEEE Security & Privacy, 2023LINK