JULY 2023

New members to enhance CyManII’s mission to support U.S manufacturing interests

July 14, 2023 The Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII), based at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), welcomes three new members to support the CyManII mission to secure and sustain U.S. manufacturing. Each member brings a valuable industry perspective that will contribute to the institute’s efforts to develop integrated cybersecurity and energy efficient solutions for small- and medium-sized manufacturers.

Siemens, the reseach-and-development arm of focused technology company Siemens, joins as a managing member and will be part of CyManII’s Governance Board, providing strategic direction as the institute evolves and matures.

“Siemens has been leading the industry in decarbonization efforts and smart factory solutions, optimizing energy efficiency and delivering automation software as well as preparing the next generation of cyber defenders to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats,” said Howard Grimes, CyManII’s CEO. “The value of their membership is immeasurable.”

Dave Rapaport, U.S. Research and Collaboration Management Head at Seimens, said the firm’s partnership with CyManII will help bring industry and infrastructure online.

“To do this successfully, cybersecurity is an integral part of Siemens’ mission and Siemens Technology is at the forefront of developing innovations that strengthen the nation’s competitiveness in the critical area of cybersecurity for manufacturing,” he said.

Formlabs and Humtown are joining CyManII as collaborative members. Formlabs, a leader in the development of 3D printing polymer systems, will support the research and training missions within the Cyber for Manufacturing (C4M) hub. Humtown is one of the world’s largest providers of sand cores and molds in the additive manufacturing industry and will contribute valuable additive manufacturing knowledge and experience to the institute’s R&D initiatives.

“The addition of Formlabs and Humtown opens the gateway to additive manufacturing, an industry that utilizes the digital thread for part production,” Grimes said. “Their input into the Additive Manufacturing (AM) supply chain will enable our team to accelerate the development of embedded solutions for manufacturers.”

Speaking on CyManII’s impact in the industry, Humtown CEO Mark Lamoncha stated, “Before you build a Digital Highway you need CyManII as the digital foundation to lay it on.”   

Formlabs Chief Revenue Officer Nick Graham added that his firm was committed to creating easy-to-use industrial 3D printers that help manufacturers design better products, withstand supply chain disruptions and streamline production. “Our partnership with CyManII will support its mission to secure and sustain advanced manufacturing in the U.S.,” Graham said.

CyManII will collaborate with Siemens, Formlabs and Humtown as the institute continues to build on its roadmap for long-term sustainable cybersecurity solutions.

Led by UTSA, CyManII was launched in 2020 by the U.S. Department of Energy as a Clean Energy Manufacturing Institute to bring together the manufacturing industry, research and academic institutions, and federal government agencies to develop technologies that enable the security and growth of the U.S. manufacturing sector. It is funded by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office and co-managed with the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response.