The Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII, pronounced sī-man-ē) introduces a cybersecure energy-ROI for energy efficient manufacturing and supply chains that secures and sustains American leadership in global manufacturing competitiveness for decades.

The CyManII partnership ecosystem is currently comprised of over 50 proposed members including three Department of Energy National Laboratories (Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories), four Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, powerhouse universities, industry leaders, and nonprofits.

This national network of members will drive impact across the nation and solve the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity in the U.S manufacturing industry.

The primary goal of CyManII is to research, develop, and implement a national vision for manufacturing cybersecurity that unleashes U.S. innovation. The technical innovations that we discover, through our research, will drive a cybersecure and energy efficient U.S. manufacturing enterprise and workforce.

This is the moment for a revolution in intelligent manufacturing to enable a dramatic increase in overall equipment energy efficiency, which reduces cost and maximizes innovation. The unique combination of our expertise in energy efficiency, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing empowers our team to take this innovative approach in collaboration with our nationally-recognized partner organizations.

The CyManII Approach

CyManII’s approach is to use a clean slate to design a future-state based on state-of-the-art physical system design.

CyManII’s intelligent transformation is critical if the United States is to be the global leader in manufacturing. Combining physical, cyber, and energy layers in legacy and new systems of manufacturing, this intelligent transformation requires starting with an Energy Efficient (ε) Pervasive, Unobtrusive, Resilient, and Economical (ε-PURE) secure manufacturing architecture.

To benefit the United States, CyManII will cybersecure U.S. manufacturers and their supply chains against nation-state adversaries and other cybercriminals; introduce a financial incentive to justify manufacturers investment in this secure manufacturing architecture; secure one quad of energy (approximately 1% of the annual U.S. energy budget and returning over $20B to manufacturers); detect and mitigate up to 1T cyber vulnerability instances; modernize the American work force for cyber and energy efficient manufacturing; and train the next generation of manufacturers in cybersecurity for intelligent and energy efficient manufacturing.

These benefits will secure and sustain U.S. leadership in global manufacturing competitiveness for our current and future decades.Via our ε-PURE secure manufacturing architecture, CyManII also introduces a novel ε-ROI for companies to implement a secure measurement and verification across the nation’s automated manufacturing operations and their supply chains. By introducing a system-by-system design for manufacturing systems and supply chains, CyManII will introduce cybersecurity that yields ROI which would allow CyManII to:

  • Innovate before competitors
  • Secure U.S. manufactures
  • Increase global competition
  • Maintain close connection with industry giants
  • Provide a common framework for secure manufacturing
  • Create a safe space for research and innovation
  • Promote a culture of trust and proactive education, training and support for all stakeholders

CyManII is on the path toward establishing expectations for quality security that will be followed and highly respected by OEMs, SMMs, OTs and integrators to help them achieve secure energy savings by overcoming common barriers and re-establish the United States’ as a proactive global innovator for manufacturing, cybersecurity and energy efficiency; attaining cyber innovation to secure U.S. manufacturing.

Lead Institution

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is home to one of the nation’s top cybersecurity programs, an interdisciplinary approach that spans three colleges: the College of BusinessCollege of Engineering and College of Sciences, and has attracted world-class faculty and a reputation as the undisputed leader in cybersecurity education.

With three cyber-focused research centers – the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, the Institute for Cyber Security and the Cyber Center for Security and Analytics – and with close cross-collaborations with the Open Cloud Institute (OCI) and the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute (TSERI) research conducted on campus aims to address global security challenges encountered by individuals, industry, government and the military. The university’s research specialties include information security management and strategy, applied network and information systems security, government and industry cyber preparedness, and secure software and hardware design and engineering.

UTSA is launching its $100M investment in this ecosystem via the National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC), which will soon be located in the heart of downtown San Antonio.